Art by Cherri
Custom Painting
  (Airbrush, Traditional Brush)
& Pinstriping

About the Artist

Cherri  is a self-taught artist. Born in Port Richey, Florida, Cherri took to art as soon as she was able to hold a crayon. Throughout her childhood Cherri developed an appreciation for her surroundings. She would often sit for hours with pencil and pad, or sketch for hours on a chalk board her beloved grandfather purchased for her. Years of artistic expression made it clear that Cherri's life would be centered upon her passion for art.  After high school Cherri pursued other forms of work only to feel as though she was missing something in her life.

Cherri is now a professional artist full-time. She lives in Hudson, with her husband Tom, daughter KC and a mini. Australian Shepherd, Dixie.

As an update to my information I wanted to add that I have added another art form that I am  learning and getting so much satisfaction with. I have started lampworking (commonly referred to as glass blowing); I am making many different styles and types of glass beads, sculptures and ornaments. Very recently I began making memorial beads for those who have lost a beloved pet or family member. Doing this work gives me such pleasure to be able to help give this small comfort.

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